About Us

When director Oliver Beswick took steps to establish the Goldeneye Group with his first development in 2012, he picked up the mantle as a 3rd generation property developer.

Perhaps those formative years spent visiting sites, glancing at plans and listening to dinner table conversation about housebuilding started something.

The Goldeneye Group now builds and renovates properties throughout East Sussex, including one-off homes such as ‘Whitelands’ in Robertsbridge, and small developments like Lakeside Walk in Hailsham. Visit our property developments section for information about some of our current projects.

Many of our properties are subsequently sold, with a few retained for our growing portfolio of rental properties. But whether we’re keeping homes to let or sell, we strive for a quality finish that will stand the test of time.

Oliver Beswick, Director, The Goldeneye Group

The Goldeneye Group includes
Goldeneye Investments Ltd. Reg’d England No. 9259630
Goldeneye Developments Ltd. Reg’d England No. 9385447
Goldeneye Partnership Ltd. Reg’d England No. 9761777
Goldeneye Management and Goldeneye Partnership